Fair, secure, decentralized


EVEC brings the essence of the existing internet content services, but changes the business model from a centrally controlled user data and force feed add funded system into a fair, open and centralized approach.

The business model is based on an organic supply-demand structure with a 2% transaction (payments) fee. To become a creator, service provider or consumer one simply needs to become a member by setting up an account and one can start to provide both free and price-tagged digital services or media for other members to consume.

The goal is for all contend to have a 0.01€ start fee to promote quality contend to be able to have a straight interface with contend providers and to change lives by sponsoring trough contend consuming. EVEC ecosystems only payment method is the cryptocurrency EVET (i.e. EVE token) build on the Cosmos network.

There is also a payment free price-tagged option where services / materials are earned trough consuming sponsor adds. Members can choose what kind of adds they will watch regarding on they needs, values, or what ever personal reason it may be.

The Principles

The Offering 1.0

Control all data using web 3.0 personal decentralized cloud servers, or personal hardwares.
The platform itself has no access to members data.

All moderation is done by members starting from chat room moderation to banning and red flagging illegal contend to be removed from the platform.

Members can be under there own name, or chose to be 100% anonymous and use an alias.

Members can vote about EVECs future and create own polls to find decisions on chosen matters.

Upcomming polls:
EVE multiwallet allocation
– Cryptos to add
– Cryptos to remove
Whale break
– Remove whale brake as planned after 350.000.000 market cap.
– Remove whale brake after 500.000.000 market cap.

The code is open for inventive developers to enrich the digital assets and tools of the ecosystem. Algorithms can be learned, and if needed enhance through voting polls. Join the development at GitHub ……….Project EVEC profiilin osoite

EVECs evolution is based on members needs and they ability to collective collaboration in the project, and to benefit from the input.
Creator of new solutions are reworded depending of value brought to the platform.

Develop a new DApp from eblock´s and you own it. DApp developers will be reworded with 25% off the DApps 1,5% transaction taxation.

Extroverse Ecosystem Ltd releases all its rypto and FIAT money transactions in monthly account statements.

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A self moderated communication platform with KYC protocol, but does not store any of its members real life identification data. The platform (EVEC) itself has no access to accounts or other member owned/created contend or any form of data.

EC has a P2P chat function, where all data is stored only on the chat members devices hard drive.

Dapp in Dapp based modular platform solution, that allows a basically endlessly scalable and easily convertible digital tool for using the internet.

Build on Algorand using Pure Poof of Stake consensus mechanism.

A decentralized node based fast, secure and highly scalable web server.

P2P payments and thumb click payments.

SoMe with no stored member identification data and no platform based moderation.