The ever-growing digital service markets have led to an increasingly smaller number of monopolies dominating the internet by owning and controlling platforms people use to interact, search data and exchange value.

Users are productized with little to no influence on how much user data is gathered, or how that data is used, and censorship is centralized controlling on what can be said, and what kind of digital reality exist for each person.

While user data and advertise based incomes are growing, users are ever more willingly giving their most valuable commodity – time. The average screen time has grown year by year to a screen time average of 6.58 hours per day in 2023, from which 3.43 hours on a smart device. Making people use digital platforms close to 4 hours on average a day is not about providing a good service, its proof about powerful algorithms keeping users hooked.

This Golden Gage is one form of slavery, and has become the freely accepted status quo.

To challenge the status quo an open source based community centric Project EVEC started its journey in the early 2022 aiming to develop the EVEC (Extroverse – Ecosystem – Community) dApp, a scalable and secure dApp in dApp platform for digital creativity, self expression, discovery and P2P payments.

Members on EVEC can create eBlocks / dApps – (decentralized Applications) to connect with other eBlocks in the ecosystem rather than creating accounts on existing dApps and being leaseholders. As an example rather than creating a account on a centrally controlled SoMe platform, members can create they own SoMe platform and connect them with other SoMe platforms in the EVEC ecosystem, and so creating a social media that actually is social.

No centralized ownership, no centralized censorship
Moderation is conducted on a personal level. Members censor they own digital environment by restricting other members from being able to see or be seen, and if needed, blocked entirely from any interaction.

Keys control dApps, and on eBlocks come with keys You can share visual stories, music playlists, live performance, galleries for NFT’s, or e-shops, the possibility are basically limitless using templets to create eBlocks to be added in EVECs ecosystem.

The ecosystem uses EVET (EVE Token) for paying content or services provided by other members in the ecosystem, and functions as a governance token distributing decision making to the community regardless on how much each voting wallet holds EVETs.

With the Extroverse ecosystem Project EVEC aims to move step by step away from the standard central controlled service provider infrastructure, and build its own fully decentralized (DePIN) infrastructure. A network of Full Nodes, and Nodes adding layers of security and resources to EVECs infrastructure.

A EVEC member running a transaction verification DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) on the EVEC dApp, stores parts of the EVE blockchain, participates in confirming transactions on the blockchain, and provides resources below for a fee set by the Node.

DePin / Decentralized physical infrastructure network
• Compute resources
• Storage
• Bandwidth

DeWi / Decentralized Wireless
– Cellular / G4/5 network
– WiFi network
– LoRaWAN – iOT network

Full Node
A Node storing the whole EVE blockchain, and participates in creating new blocks.

eBlocks – There can be many like me, but there is only one me
eBlocks are dApps for the extroverse ecosystem that can be easily build by members of EVEC. eBlocks are based on templets with the ability for creators to activate, or deactivate functions needed to build the needed digital tool.

The first functions to be added are to support music streaming & visual storytelling for members to share live & previously recorded content for free, or for a price.
eStore support and finical agreement smart contracts over ownership and distribution of incomes. All eBlock are launched from the EVE Hub creating a digital identity in the process based on the creators public key.

EVEC uses the essence of the existing internet content services, but turns the business model from a centrally controlled user data funded system benefiting only a small number, into a fair, open and decentralized approach with a organic supply-demand structure, its own cryptocurrency EVET – EVE Token, and a 1% (0.5%) transaction fee on all transactions.

1% (0.5%) network fee allocation:
0.25% EVET Liquidity Pool as 1/3 BTC, 1/3 ETH, 1/3 ATOM
0.25% Ecosystem rewards / Staking
0.5% Team EVEC for the development EVEC dApp and its ecosystem (will be abolished at EVECs full decentralization)

The aim is for a 0.01$ up price tag for part of EVEC members provided text, music, videos or other content. A 0.01$ price tag can quickly add up to good revenue’s, and considering the finical need to support a sustainable economic life is for most people on this planned in the hundreds, even tens of $ per month a 0.01$ price tag can be live changing.

99% (99.5%) of assets moved in the ecosystem goes to the receiver making content creating for a price not only rewording, but also personal as the interaction between creator and consumer is organic and direct.

Access to content and a tool to influence on EVECs future, the utility of EVE token

Members can use EVET for accessing premium features, services, or content within the platform, and use EVET as a governance token, creating immediate utility and demand for EVET.

Community enhancement
EVECs evolution is based on its members needs, they ability to collective collaboration in the project and to benefit from the input. Creator of new solutions are rewarded depending on value brought to the platform.

Collective moderation
All moderation is done by members starting from chat room moderation to banning and red flagging illegal content.

Members can be under a verified profile, or chose to be 100% anonymous. Control all data using, the platform itself has no access to members data.

Members can vote about EVECs future and create own polls to find decisions on chosen matters.

Open source
Open codes for inventive developers to enrich the digital assets and tools on the ecosystem. Algorithms can be learned and if needed, enhance through voting polls.

Social media 1.0 and EVE Wallet 1.0
Deep Chat, a secure chat platform with full anonymity, no centralized censorship and a tipping function to reword contend creators with EVET.

Peer2Peer payments
EVE Wallet

EVET Staking & Governance
EVE hub 1.0

EVE network 1.0 (PoS)
Build on the Cosmos
– Main net
– Dev net
– Testnet

EVET (EVE Token) Total Supply Circulation Supply

10.000 TPS (transactions per second)
Finality time 2-3 sec
Transaction fee 0.5%

A non-profit organization with the primary goal of achieving full decentralization of the EVEC DApp by overseeing Project EVECs process and facilitating active community participation in the development, governance and eventual ownership of the EVEC DApp and its underlying infrastructure. The foundation’s establishment and operations are set in motion following the Seed round.

1. Main Objectives

The core objective is to work towards the full decentralization of the EVEC DApp and its ecosystem.

Overseeing Project EVEC:
The foundation plays a pivotal role in overseeing the progress and development of Project EVEC. This includes monitoring the technical, financial and operational aspects of the project to ensure it aligns with its goals, and providing full transparency in the process.

Community Engagement:
EVE Foundation acts as a bridge between the EVEC DApp project and its members enabling them to participate in shaping the DApp’s technical future and policies.

Decentralized governance by involving members in decision-making processes through voting.

Community Ownership:
As the project progresses and the foundation fulfills its objectives, it moves towards the final phase by transferring ownership and governance of the EVEC DApp from a centralized ownership by Extroverse Ecosystem Ltd to its members. This transition ensures that the DApp’s future development and direction are determined purely by its members.

All data pertaining to Project EVEC, from initial proposals to votes and final decisions, as well as the allocation and use of funds, are overseen and provided by the EVE Foundation.
The EVE Foundation is committed to providing regular, comprehensive reports on the status of Project EVEC. These reports include updates on the progress of approved proposals, financial expenditure, technical advancements, and other relevant developments will be provided on

Legal Entity:
The EVE Foundation is established in Finland under Finnish law ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

2. Funding of EVE Foundation

Funding for Project EVEC is provided by Extroverse Ecosystem Ltd and EVET wallets as specified in EVET’s token allocation. To ensure long-term sustainability and decentralization, these wallets release 20% of their total EVET holdings every 12 months. This controlled release of funds supports ongoing development, maintenance, and community engagement efforts.

Extroverse Ecosystem Ltd’s role as a founding entity will conclude once all ownership and rights to Project EVEC are successfully transferred to the EVE Foundation. The timing for this transition will be determined through a collaborative process involving Extroverse Ecosystem Ltd’s board of leaders, the EVEC board of validators and EVECs members.
This process allows for careful consideration and planning to ensure a smooth transfer of authority, governance and ownership.

3. Governance of the EVE Foundation

EVE Foundations governance progresses has three distinct phases towards full decentralization and community-driven control.

Phase 1:
During the initial phase, the EVE Foundation is governed by the Extroverse Ecosystem Ltd board of leaders ensuring the project’s stability and consistent direction.

Phase 2:
In the second phase governance is shared between the Extroverse Ecosystem Ltd board of leaders, the Board of Validators and EVEC members.

Board of Validators are EVEC members voted to by other members to be representatives for the broader EVEC community to focuses on various critical aspects of Project EVEC, including technical development, security, usability, and governance. Board of Validators are elected for 12-month terms ensuring continuity, expertise and having a degree of ”mission tactics” freedom to fulfill certain aspects of EVECs development, without requiring community votes for minor issues. This flexibility enables agile decisions while maintaining the project’s integrity and security.

Phase 3:
Full Decentralization, all governance is distributed among the EVE Network with its DAO taking lead in shaping the project’s direction with the Board of Validators and EVEC Members providing a balance between strategic leadership, tactical operations, and community-driven decision-making.

4. The EVE network DAO

The EVE Network DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization built on the EVE network leveraging blockchain technology to create a transparent and self-governing designed to enable EVEC members to collectively make key decisions, allocate resources, and manage the network’s evolution.

The EVE Network DAO’s mission is to create a decentralized, secure, and innovative blockchain network that fosters community engagement and empowerment ensuring the network evolves in a manner that aligns with Project EVECs vision and values, freedom to create, influence and own.

The EVE network DAO employs a self-governing mechanism facilitated by smart contracts. Within this decentralized framework EVEC members are able to propose and cast votes on new functions, changes, or initiatives introduced to the DAO.

Fund Allocation:
The DAO manages Project EVEC wallets and the EVEC treasury funded by transaction fees and donations.

All activities, including votes, proposals, and fund allocations, are recorded on the EVE network blockchain. This transparency allows community members to audit and monitor operations.