The ever-growing digital service markets have led to an increasingly smaller number of monopolies dominating the internet by owning and controlling the platforms people use to interact, search data and exchange value. Users are productized with little to no influence on how much user data is gathered or how that data is used. Censorship is centralized, and hidden or ever changing algorithms control on what exist and what not.

Turning people into products has become the norm.


Vision of Freedom

Project Evec aims to build a fully community-led and owned decentralized platform. Something unstoppable, something without an off switch.

What we are doing

EVEC is a alternative solution for using the internet through a decentralized community-centric app in app platform for digital creativity, self expression and discovery. Something unstoppable, something without an off switch.

Fair, secure and decentralized

EVEC platform brings the essence of the existing internet content services and changes the business model from a centrally controlled user data and force feed add funded system into a fair, open and centralized approach.The final decentralization follows by us relinquishing all ownership and rights to EVEC, and thus creates a 100% decentralized fully community-led and owned platform with no centralized  leadership, centralized ownership or centralized network.


Do you want to be involved in doing something revolutionary?

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