Freedomto Create, Influenceand Own

Welcome to Extroverse

Expand Your Ideas and Add Creativity

By shaping environments to fit your individual needs.

Free from Centralized Control

Full ownership over personal data, membership based moderation.

Endless Scalability

Not only in usability but also in functionalities through open source and eBlocks.


eBlocks are the work horses of the EVEC platform. They are mostly based on the same template witch functions can be activated or deactivated, moved on the platform, and finished by ready-made or self-created visual layouts to provide members of EVEC exactly the tools they need to build an ecosystem to meets their unique requirements.

Since eBlocks are based on a partly open source, anybody can add new functionalities, or create a new eBlocks.

Project EVEC

"In a world you can be anything, be kind."