The Golden Cage

The ever-growing digital service markets have led to an increasingly smaller number of monopolies dominating the internet by owning and controlling the platforms people use to interact, search data and exchange value.

Users are productized with little to no influence on how much user data is gathered or how that data is used. Censorship is centralized, and hidden or ever changing algorithms control on what exist and what not.

Turning people into products has become the norm.


EVEC is a alternative solution for using the internet trough a highly scalable Dapp in Dapp platform for digital creativity, self expression and discovery. The platform uses EVET / EVE Token for Peer2Peer payments and staking / ecosystem rewords.EVET is build on the Algorand blockchain using Pure Proof of Stake consensus mechanism with low gas fees, and very low energy consumption.


We challenge the norms with a community-centric, fair, and secure platform, that offers full anonymity, and control over all personal and self imported data.The platform uses open algorithms for the community to master, and influence since members are identified they can vote on changes paving the way towards a democratic, fair and open WEB 3.0. Project EVEC aims to build a fully community-led, and owned decentralized platform covering not only its ecosystem on the hardware, but also the infrastructure: the internet, bandwidth, computing power and memory. Something unstoppable, something without an off switch.


EVEC brings the essence of the existing internet content services, but changes the business model from a centrally controlled, user data funded system into a fair, community-led approach with a simple supply-demand structure between consumers and creators. Creators provide both free and price-tagged digital services or media for other members to consume, and to become a creator or consumer one simply needs to set up a account on EVEC.


The Beginning

Web3 is the next version of the internet which promotes decentralized protocols and aims to reduce dependency on large Big Tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Netflix. In order to…

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The Current Net

Since 2004 the user has been the product in the following Web 2.0-version of the internet. Web 2.0 was and is about machine learning. In Web 2.0, first, the user teaches the machine (Web 2.0) about the habits…

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The Future

In Web3 (or Web 3.0) the user is considered to be the owner of the content that they create. This means that when the user posts something online, the user becomes the owner of that data and has full control…

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