The Vision

Full decentralization, a community-led and owned platform covering not only its ecosystem on the hardware, but also its infrastructure, the internet, bandwidth, computing power and storage. A platform with no centralized leadership, centralized ownership or centralized network.Something unstoppable, something without an off switch. // Freedom to create, influence and to own //

Project EVEC

Extroverse Ecosystems Ltd started Project EVEC in early 2021 to develop EVEC, a DApp in DApp platform for digital creativity, self expression, discovery and P2P payments for purchase content or services using EVECs native token EVET. As for Extroverse Ecosystem Ltd’s goal as a company is to make it self needless once EVEC reached self sustenance. The final decentralization of EVEC comes by Extroverse Ecosystem Ltd giving all ownership, leadership and rights to the EVEC DApp to EVEC DApp making EVEC a truly decentralized ecosystem paving the way towards a democratic, fair and open WEB 3.0.

Fair, secure and decentralized

EVEC brings the essence of the existing internet content services, but changes the business model from a centrally controlled user data funded system into a fair, open and decentralized approach with a organic supply-demand structure and a 1.5% transaction fee on all transactions. If you don’t pay for the product, you are the product. We aim for a 0.01$ up price tag for part of EVECs content promoting quality and supporting the ecosystem. 98.5% of service payments go to the provider, 1.5% are used as network fee. Paying for content should not been seen as a covenant, but as a tool for ensuring quality, freedom of choice, and maybe even changing lives in the process of consuming with Peer2Peer payments, rather then leaving algorithms determine who gets payed. There is also a payment free option for consuming price tagged content / services by consuming sponsors adds. Members can choose what kind of adds they will watch regarding on they values, or what ever personal reason it may be. The EVEC ecosystem uses EVET - EVE Token as its native and only cryptocurrency.

Our Principles

The Offering

Control all data using web 3.0 personal decentralized cloud servers or personal hardwares.
The platform itself has no access to members data.

All moderation is done by members starting from chat room moderation to banning and red flagging illegal contend to be removed from the platform.

Members can vote about EVECs future and create own polls to find decisions on chosen matters.

Upcoming votes:
EVE multiwallet allocation
– Cryptos to add
– Cryptos to remove
Whale break
– Remove whale brake as planned at 500.000.000 market cap
– Remove whale brake at market cap

Open codes for inventive developers to enrich the digital assets, and tools on the ecosystem. Algorithms can be learned, and if needed enhance through voting polls.

Join the development at GitHub.

EVECs evolution is based on members needs and they ability to collective collaboration in the project, and to benefit from the input.


Creator of new solutions are rewarded depending on value brought to the platform. Develop a new DApp from eblocks and you own it.

Members can be under there own name or chose to be 100% anonymous and use an alias.

Extroverse Ecosystem Ltd releases all its crypto and FIAT money transactions in monthly account statements.

SoMe 23Q4
Streaming 24Q1
Charity & Funding 24Q1
P2P payments 23Q4
– Thumb click micro payments (0.01-10.00$)
– Tokenized emoji

A digital tool allowing high personalization and ables members to building Dapps for eventually any kind of content, experiences or services.

First added functions to the ecosystem.
– Personalize accounts 23Q3
-Create e-stores 23Q4
– Calenders
– Create events
– Bridge games to the ecosystem
– Perform on meta stages

– Send – receive
– Key to EVEC account

Cosmos network Total Supply Circulation Supply

– 10.000 transactions per second
– Finality time 2-3sec
– Transaction fee 1.5% < 10.000$ (on EVE Hub)
– Transaction fee at DEX 1.5%

– EVET Staking
– Governance
– Voting
– Proposing polls

– NFT Market place
– Create NFTs
– NFT Pools
Create pools to collect funds for purching
share ownership NTF. Pools can have 2-1000 NFT