The ever-growing digital service markets have led to an increasingly smaller number of monopolies dominating the internet by owning and controlling platforms people use to interact, search data and exchange value. Users are productized with little to no influence on how much user data is gathered, or how that data is used. Censorship is centralized controlling on what can be said, and what kind of digital reality exists for each person.

While user data and forced advertising based incomes are growing, users are ever more willingly giving their most valuable commodity – time. The average screen time has grown year by year. Making people to use digital platforms close to 4 hours on an average day is not about providing a good service, it is a proof of powerful algorithms keeping users hooked. A Golden Gage, one form of slavery becoming the freely accepted status quo.

The digital world needs a user-owned platform. A platform with no centralized leadership, centralized ownership or centralized network, whose users decide for themselves what they want to see, what kind of content they want to support and what their own digital reality is like.